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Pizza Passion: Crafting Memorable Moments with Aqcua Experience

Pizza, a hobby of many years, is something I enjoy because it brings people of all ages, cultures, and culinary preferences together, whether it's at a gathering with friends, a lakeside stroll, or a Sunday with family. It's always a welcomed presence, allowing us to share laughter, conversations, and joy through a delightful array of flavors.

It all began with the use of a BBQ grill, with a local adaptation, trying to mimic the functionality of pizza ovens. Then, during the pandemic, I received the best birthday gift from my mom – a special and portable wood-fired oven for Neapolitan pizzas. This marked the start of a pizza passion, with many nights spent learning to feed the sourdough starter, studying the techniques of Italian pizzaiolos via YouTube, experimenting with recipes, textures, and ingredient combinations that only an authentic artisanal pizza can offer.

Pizza... Its versatility and ability to adapt to all tastes and preferences make it the perfect dish for sharing and enjoying unforgettable moments in unique and special locations around the captivating corners of the Guatapé Lake.

Each pizza is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with Aqcua Experience.

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